The Sweetest Little “She Shed” Salon – Stylist Spotlight

Our friends at She Shed Living love to find solace from hectic life – better known as “spending some alone time in a favorite spot.” Whether it’s a pretty shed, a sunny greenhouse or a private backyard arbor, personal spaces are sacred and essential in our chronically busy lives. This like-minded community regularly shares their stories and design creativity for unique studios and sheds. When we saw the sweet serenity of Holly’s Hair Salon, a dollhouse retreat in her backyard, we had to put this on your radar. Welcome to the Dollhouse!

For most women, getting beauty treatments is a huge deal. The outcome of a cut or a coloring is important and the financial commitment is not something taken lightly. Holly Alexander-Toole understands this and has created a beauty haven like no other in the back yard of her Lyons, Georgia home.

The Dollhouse is a she shed made especially for a warm and friendly connection between Holly and her clients, one at a time. Privacy and quiet replace the normal bustle of the average salon. Holly’s clients love it so much they have a hard time leaving after their services.

I literally giggle to myself some mornings and think how blessed I am that this is my work life now. It’s an amazing feeling,” she says.

Holly is a cosmetologist and former owner of a large salon with nine chairs. (That’s pretty big in the salon world.) Three years ago, she decided to sell. “I was tired of the overhead and the extra stress of managing a salon that big,” Holly says. Still, she didn’t want to quit doing hair altogether, especially with two college educations looming in the future.

The Dollhouse is a 12 ft. x 16 ft. shed that Holly and her husband dolled up with an inviting front porch, single French door, and two front double-hung windows. A large wood platform provides a transition between porch and gravel driveway.

Inside, a single chair sits next to the back bar, designed by Holly’s husband. The bar holds all of her supplies and even has a facial waxing area. The shed is plumbed and wired, of course, yet it holds nothing but the essentials … and a whole lot of charm. “I was concerned initially that some of my clients wouldn’t like it because it is so different from what they’re used to,” Holly recalls. “But on the contrary, they love it! Business is booming.” Even with one client at time, Holly is successful and has gained even more clients. A drastically reduced overhead helps, too.”

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