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If you’re looking for the type of holistic hair repair regimen that works for all of your clients in 2021, look no further than Schwarzkopf Professional’s new FIBRE CLINIX. Your clients deserve individualized hair repair – FIBRE CLINIX helps you create a specific prescription to address damage, and the system has a solution for a variety of damaged hair needs. With two regimens, one designed specifically for in-salon use, the other for home care, your clients will be able strengthen and repair damaged hair, whether the damage is mechanical, chemical, or environmental, and maintain their healthy hair between salon visits.

This system focuses most specifically on customized damaged hair repair and FIBRE CLINIX is Schwarzkopf Professional’s most advanced repair technology. The triple bonding technology starts at the inside of the hair fiber, to reconnect inner hair bonds. The C21 technology is a conditioning agent that works its way out to restore and reconstruct the hair surface, resulting in a hair fiber healthy enough to pass for virgin hair.

The in-salon regimen contains three elements: a shampoo, a treatment, and boosters. The FIBRE CLINIX Tribond Shampoo gently cleanses all hair types, prepares hair for the next step – the treatment – and delivers essential moisture. The FIBRE CLINIX Tribond Treatment replenishes damaged hair structures, is responsible for the three-dimensional bonds, and creates hair ten times stronger than untreated hair. The FIBRE CLINIX In-Salon Booster comes in three specific formulas to address individual types of hair damage, and intensifies the effect of the treatment.

Between salon visits, Schwarzkopf Professional created the FIBRE CLINIX home care regimen designed for clients to prolong and maintain their results. For overprocessing, there is the Fortify; for color treated hair, Vibrancy; for dry and brittle hair, Hydrate. Each regimen comes with a shampoo, conditioner and treatment for clients to use in the comfort of their own home.

FIBRE CLINIX is a sophisticated brand because of the high-performing technology, and because clients are only able to get this kind of advanced hair care exclusively in a salon, it can only come from a professional. It is perfect for clients who are willing to invest in a customized service to receive optimal results.

A customizable, advanced regimen like FIBRE CLINIX helps clients restore their damaged hair to its natural state both in the salon and at home.

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