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Clean Beauty is good for hair and good for the earth.

Imagine hair care that combines ingredients and packaging that are healthy and sustainable with amazing performance for every hair type. Impossible? Well it should come as no surprise that the folks at John Paul Mitchell Systems —known for everything from growing their own awapuhi on a off the grid farm in Hawaii to committing to reduce their carbon footprint via solar panels on their Global Distribution Headquarters in California —have found a way to offer just what today’s environmentally-conscious clients are craving.

The latest offering from Paul Mitchell is called Clean Beauty and to put it as simply as possible, it’s good for your clients’ hair and it’s good for the planet. Los Angeles Salon Owner Paula Peralta has been working with the Clean Beauty collection for several months and she is thrilled with the results. “Paul Mitchell has married the growing global awareness of sustainability with the performance guests are looking for,” she says.



To be successful, hair care products must be inclusive. In other words, they must offer solutions for every hair type. According to Peralta, herself a curly girl, Clean Beauty comprises four ranges—Everyday, Hydrate, Smooth and Repair—that get the job done for every one of her diverse clients. And the job gets done in the healthiest way possible—with natural origin, sustainable, organic botanical ingredients sourced from a biodynamic open lab farm in Italy.

Suitable for all hair types, these healthy formulas target common hair concerns

Suitable for all hair types, these healthy formulas target common hair concerns

“In every Clean Beauty category, there are two ‘hero’ ingredients that were chosen because they work together so perfectly,” says Peralta. “Take the Smooth category for example. It combines almond oil—which is packed with vitamin E and fatty acids for softness and shine—with hyaluronic acid, one of the most powerful, natural hydrators. So these products really control frizz and protect the hair from breakage and humidity.”

Another huge plus, says Peralta, is the opportunity for endless combinations of customization with Clean Beauty. You can dip into each category to create hair care regimens for your client’s specific hair care need. For example, you may find the Hydrate Shampoo with olive and oat peptide plus the Repair Conditioner and Leave-In Treatment with pea protein and amaranth extract are ideal for a person with a dry, damaged situation.



Green-minded individuals know that traditional plastic manufacturing leads to the production of carbon dioxide, which is a leading cause of global warming. That’s why Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty uses an innovative bio-based packaging that is derived from Brazilian sugarcane and 100% recyclable. Unlike traditional petroleum-based plastic, bio-plastic eliminates more carbon than it emits, making it a carbon-negative packaging solution.

“Here in LA, there is a consciousness and a forward approach to diet, skin care, beauty and lifestyle,” says Peralta. “Everyone is looking for environmentally friendly ingredients and sustainable packaging. It’s a way of life in Los Angeles, but it’s also a global movement. A recent study revealed that 77 percent of most Millennials are looking for sustainable products. Even people who wouldn’t be heavy recyclers or super strict in terms of diet are looking for sustainability and ways to contribute to a better environment. They’re looking for products to support. So when I tell my clients that Clean Beauty bottles are recyclable, they’re very interested in starting a conversation.”

Paul Mitchell has always followed the ethos of doing good—for the hairstylist, for the client and for the world—and with Clean Beauty, the mission continues.

Los Angeles Salon Owner Paula Peralta says her guests love the fact that Clean Beauty marries sustainability with performance.

Los Angeles Salon Owner Paula Peralta says her guests love the fact that Clean Beauty marries sustainability with performance.

Learn more about Paul Mitchell’s journey to Clean Beauty.

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