Nail Technicians Make Great Brow Artists – Full Service

Denise Barbosa is a Brow Artist and Brow Educator in New York.  She was also a nail technician for ten years.

“And I am here to tell you that adding Brow Artistry  to your nail ticket is a sure way to increase your profitability and to increase your client base,” Barbosa says. “Just think… your ideal client is sitting right in front of you.  No need to sell yourself because your clients already trust.  The chances of her letting you sculpt her brows are very high!”

Barbosa says she wishes someone had talked to her earlier about adding brows to the menu.  

“It doubled my income,” she explains. “The transition from nails to brows was seamless for me, as my nail clients sat in my chair, they would constantly compliment my brows and they would always ask who does your brows and I would say, me!

 “I started asking my clients if I could shape their brows and eventually my brow business exploded.  They started referring their friends and family and I noticed my client list in brows started growing.”

Barbosa begam to direct her attention to becoming a brow artist, taking classes and attending training to perfect her skills, stay current, and create a personal technique for designing beautiful brows. She says it’s a high-profit service with low startup cost, plus the service itself is a speedy one, once you become proficient.

How-To Add Brows to Your Service Menu

 “I have learned that to be proficient it takes commitment and determination and several hands-on practical experiences,” Barbosa says. “It could take over a year to actually perfect brow artistry. I would also recommend taking photos of your work so that you can measure your progress.”

Social media, Barbosa shares, has changed so much, including the demand for beautifully shaped eyebrows.  A gorgeous arch is a must-have.

“Education is the key to building a reputable reputation,” Barbosa advises. “Do your research and find a professional who can teach you about the art of brow symmetry and will give you the confidence to be great.

“Nail techs have the skills and are the perfect fit for adding brows to their skill set, because they have great attention to detail and customer relation skills. When you add brows to your offerings, the money will follow.”




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Originally posted on NAILS Magazine

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