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John Paul Mitchell Systems® (JPMS™), a leading manufacturer of professional hair products, introduces the first salon professional-only hair and scalp analysis technology, Hair AI™ powered by Fitskin®. As John Paul Mitchell Systems celebrates 40 years of pioneering initiatives for people, product and planet, they are also looking to the future, maintaining their culture of innovation by seeking new ways to help salons and stylists grow their businesses. This JPMS™ exclusive has the potential to transform guests’ salon experience while empowering stylists to provide educated, precise recommendations for improving hair’s appearance and feel.

“At JPMS, we’re committed to salon professionals and helping them succeed,” says Jason Yates, JPMS COO. “By partnering with FitSkin to develop a proprietary technology that will enhance the guest’s salon experience, we honor our promise to help stylists strengthen their business. We feel this innovation will elevate our highly talented stylists to a whole new level, and can’t wait to put this next generation technology in the hands of our hairdressers around the world.”

Hair AI™ uses proprietary technology and advanced artificial intelligence to display magnified images and evaluate the conditions of the scalp and hair strand. The fun, easy-to-use clip-on lens is a mobile scanner designed to fit seamlessly onto any iPhone model, and interconnects to the free downloadable JPMS Hair AI app, featuring a built-in JPMS™ portfolio algorithm and product engine. After a quick scan, stylists will instantaneously receive a product recommendation list tailored to their guests’ unique hair needs. These recommendations can be shared on the spot, in person or via email—giving professionals an opportunity to offer their guests a personalized regimen powered by all of the best- selling JPMS brands.

Features of the Hair AI™ app include:

  1. Personalized recommendations for guests
  2. Guest library
  3. Product knowledge
  4. In-app stylist-to-stylist support

“With Hair AI, we are empowering salon professionals with a tool that allows them and their guests to get an unprecedented look on their hair and scalp. Using only a smartphone and our HairScanner™, we created the world’s most advanced lab-grade hair analysis solution that is easy and fun to use,” says Sergio Rattner, FitSkin CEO & Founder

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