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Hair extensions, in the hands of an expert, can accomplish so many “hair saves.”  They can fill in a spare front profile (a common phenomenon for post-menopausal women), cover a thinning scalp, and, of course, add needed length and fullness. 

And while extensions are in place, the hair on a client’s scalp is still growing—what will it look like, post-extensions? 

“When I give a client hair extensions, my main goal is to help their natural hair grow during the life span of those extensions,” says Erin Mills, co-owner of Theory Salon in Orlando, FLO, who specializes in handtied extensions. “It is SO common for women to experience hair loss at some point in her life, or for her hair to look as if it just stopped growing.”


Mills recommends ViviscalPro supplements to her extension clients. Viviscal Pro is a non-surgical answer for hair growth in men and women, a 100% drug-free and hair supplement formula. With just two daily tablets, Viviscal Pro is clinically proven to promote existing hair growth and reduce hair shedding in 3-6 months.

“These hair supplements strengthen and promote growth of hair, approving the overall appearance of thicker and longer hair! Viviscal Pro is a stronger formulation (meaning better results, duh) and can only be purchased from a salon, spa or medical office. Reach out if you have any questions!”

Viviscal Pro is suitable for anyone wanting to grow their hair longer, thicker, stronger, faster OR if they have hair loss or thinning from post partem, post menopause, over styling, but must be recommended and retailed to clients with a stylist’s expertise. 

Viviscal Pro contains AminoMar marine complex that supplies vital nutrients needed to help maintain normal, healthy hair growth.

Viviscal Pro is taken daily, twice a day for a minimum of 3-6 months. Over this time, take the opportunity to track hair growth through photos at these benchmarks:

  • Stage 1 (up to month 2): Users may notice that their nails are stronger and growing faster after3 4 weeks).
  • Stage 2 (months 2 and 3): Viviscal Pro strengthens and promotes the growth of existing hair.
  • Stage 3 (months 4 and 5): The effects might present themselves in reduced hair loss and in overallhair health improvement of fuller and thicker looking hair. These hairs may be thin or wispy atfirst, like baby hair. Users may notice fine baby hairs growing, initially these may look like brokenhairs, they are not; they are new growth.
  • Stage 4 (month 6 and ongoing): The hair becomes stronger, thicker, healthier and more vibrant.


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