Got the Blues: Create and Preserve Blue Hues with Crazy Color – Color

With A-list inspiration from Billie Ellish and Kylie Jenner to Halsey, blue hair keeps showing up as a beautiful, always trending look. It’s a color that can make eyes pop, can punch up a brunette or be a surprise in a blonde balayage. 

Of all 40 of Crazy Color’s Semi Permanent shades, there are seven swoon-worthy blues: Sapphire, Peacock Blue, Bubblegum Blue, Sky Blue, Capri Blue, Lilac and Blue Jade. 

“Personally I love something deeper when it comes to blue hair color; something rich and expensive, when you almost can’t tell it’s blue right away. I call it our ‘look twice colors’. I love to mix Crazy Color in the shade Sapphire with a few drops of Black for a perfect luxurious navy blue,” says Sophia Hilton, founder of Not Another Salon. 

Each pink bottle also comes with a Rainbow Shield, a trio of oils to protect and maintain color results. Crazy Color’s Semi Permanent shades are also all 100% vegan, cruelty free, and they are also formulated without PPD, Ammonia, Gluten and Parabens. Formulas include Sunflower Seed Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil and Avocado Oil.

“My favorite Crazy Color blue shade is hands down Blue Jade! Blue Jade has such a unique tone and is perfect just by itself. I often find myself mixing at least 2 colors together to create a perfect shade but Blue Jade is perfect on its own and fades beautifully.” – Mikey Ferrer Jr, @mikeyferrerjr 


AFTER CARE includes…

EXTEND Shampoo

Formulated to care for and revive all semi-permanent and oxidative colour-treated hair. Free from harsh salt and sulphates. With a trio of essential oils to provide increased hydration.

Rainbow Care Conditioner

Our deep conditioner to help maintain the strength, shine and suppleness of any bleached or colored hair. Infused with a unique protein blend with moisturizing benefits, an ideal treatment for over processed hair. Frequent use will help to seal and smooth the hair shaft for optimum color vibrancy! 

ANTI Bleed Spray

Keeps colour bleeding and premature fading at bay, whilst injecting the hair with a boost of glossy shine. Rinse hair with cold water after colouring, then spritz through the hair, leave for 1 minute, then all that’s left to do is dry, style and enjoy your new colour.


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