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After COVID-related salon closures, and the enforcement of reduced capacity, new RUSKin10 Permanent Cream Color, which processes completely in just ten minutes, opens opportunity and options for stylists. An express color like RUSKin10 provides them (and their clients) with the ultimate luxury, says industry leader and award-winning colorist Beth Minardi—time. 

“This is going to allow the salon and colorists to maximize their earning potential, reimagine their schedule, and reinvent their business,” Minardi explains. “A color that lifts with control, offers amazing gray coverage, and does it in ten minutes will mean that colorists can talk to their client about adding another service during the appointment, they can discuss at-home care, and even have a cup of coffee. 

“Most importantly,”Minardi adds, “they will free up their chair faster which means they can see more clients in a day.” Which translates, of course, to more income.

With an express color service on their menu, stylists can build their business by offering a professional alternative to at-home coloring. They can attract male clients who often value speedy services, or clients who want an express mini-touchup, while also bringing in clients who either gave up on coloring their hair or who have never done it before.

Thomas McWilliams, RUSK Director of Education, says that express color also helps colorists tend to the needs of the hypervigilant client, the one who comes in at the first sign of gray.“When I was in the salon full time, I would have people come in at the two-week mark and there was so little to retouch. RUSKin10 is an option for that client. They can come in and we can do the part and around the hairline in ten minutes and then they can return at six weeks for the whole head.”


There are 15 intermixable shades in RUSKin10 and hundreds of different formulas are possible. The team behind this launch knows productivity has always been key to a colorist’s success and that in our new way of working, predictability has also become extremely important.

It is the perfect comeback color, Minardi concludes, just when salons and stylists need it the most. “We can return to the salon in a broader, even better way. Every colorist wants to put something on and get great results. RUSKin10 does what it says it will do.”

Gray Coverage


 Natural Level 3 with 85% gray hair

 1 oz. Rusk in 10 – 4N (Natural)

2 oz. Rusk in 10 Dedicated 20 Volume Developer


“This model had tried to color her hair herself. We pulled the RUSKin10 through those pieces that were missed to color balance everything. She didn’t want to be too dark, so we made her a beautiful brunette with some soft threads of gray running through.” —Thomas McWilliams



 Natural Level 5

 1 oz. Rusk in 10 8G (Gold)

2 oz. Rusk in 10 Dedicated 20 Volume Developer


The “After” is a very natural, sun kissed highlight around the face. “She is an example of that client who comes in for a cut and a blow dry and she asks if you have time for some color. With RUSKin10, you can say, ‘Yes!’”—Beth Minardi



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