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How To Use an Onion to Treat Hair Loss

February 5th, 2010 · 2 Comments · Alternative Tips | 10,876 views
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Onion happens to be an old remedy for hair loss that actually works. It has been used by people for centuries and is known to not only help strengthen the hair but also has medicinal properties for other conditions. In fact, in the middle ages, onions used to be prescribed as an antidote for earaches, hair loss, headaches and yes, even snake bites.

So what makes onion tick? Onion works against hair loss effectively because of its high levels of sulfur content. Sulfur is usually known as the “beauty mineral” as it can help in reducing skin inflammation, stimulating blood circulation, and keeping our nails and hair in a good state. This simply means that when you have the right level of sulfur in the body, it can be highly effective in bringing down hair fall and aiding in hair growth.

But how do you know you’ve got sulfur deficiency? The common signs are weak nails, dry skin and hair that are brittle. Also, you may get fatigued easily; have allergies, headache, etc. The reason for this is improper diet that lacks in sulfur. In fact, studies have shown that fertilizers and chemical pesticides negatively affect the sulfur content that’s present in the plants that are being grown such soil. Apart from this, processed foods have less amounts of sulfur as it usually gets removed during the process. Since sulfur isn’t a mineral that can be produced by our bodies, it needs to be supplied through other means, such as in taking food that’s rich in this mineral.

For anyone suffering from hair loss, the easiest way is to make use of sulfur to strengthen their hair roots by directly applying onion juice on the scalp. According to a study done in the year of 2002, which was published in the Journal of Dermatology, onion extract can work very efficiently against hair loss or alopecia areata. More than 70% of the people who applied onion juice had some hair growth in as less as 2 months. Here’s how you can create about with the procedure for yourself:

(1) Chop a small onion into small pieces and grind it in your blender.
(2) Remove the extract and strain it using a sieve to collect the liquid solution.
(3) Massage this juice into your scalp for a few minutes, especially in the bald spots.

Alternatively, other types of onion treatments include taking a slice of onion and rubbing it directly on the scalp and applying olive oil after that for the soothing effect. Make sure you do not rub it too hard on your scalp, or else it may cause traction alopecia, which is baldness caused by breaking of hair. Once you’re done applying the juice, wash and condition your hair with a shampoo as usual. That’s about it! Do it on a regularly basis, and you should see results in a few months.

The onion juice formula might sound too simple to work. But it does work like magic and is safer than any medicines out there or a hair transplant. Try this cheap yet effective solution for your hair loss and see the difference for yourself.

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