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Eliminate the shampoo! That’s what one salon master is saying

August 15th, 2014 · Hair Products

Do you think you could go a day or two with using shampoo in your hair?  How about a week?  One salon master has come forward saying that he thinks in a few years, people are going to be saying, “remember when we used to wash our hair with shampoo?“, or something like that.  In the meantime, people are reading the quote and trying to figure out what Michael Gordon is trying to sell them.

Gordon’s history gives him reason to speak out

Gordon opened up Bumble and Bumble back in 1977, dealt directly with the spin off products in ’92 and then sold off what he owned of the company just 8 short years ago.  Gordon is not saying that you shouldn’t wash your hair or even that you should rethink the way you deal with hygiene.  He is, however, going to talk to you about Purely Perfect.  Of course, there is going to be a new product released that goes against what everyone has thought about hair in the last 25 years.  Gordon’s new product line comes with one that will clean your hair without detergents and does not foam up, or lather as some would expect.

Lathering comes from a chemical in the shampoo and is not really needed

Many people might not be aware that the reason your shampoo actually lathers is due to a chemical called sodium laureth sulfate.  The chemical is used in almost every single shampoo on the market and is basically for killing all of the oils in the liquid giving you the squeaky clean feeling that you are used to.  The bad news about the chemical is that it also can dry out the skin on your head causing other issues if you are sensitive to that.

The market is HUGE in the United States

Just a few years ago, Gordon found a small drugstore that sold a product called Less is More.  With less ingredients, the hair cleaner could do a better job and that gave Gordon the idea that he could do the same.  The offering would be popular and the look you get from using it would be a popular trend as well.  Gordon is still working on perfecting the non-detergent cleaner that does not foam, but the products that are on the market already are starting to sell.  Just in the United States alone, the haircare industry brings in more than $12 billion in sales.  Many of the products you see on the shelf are chemically the same, so that is where Gordon is hoping to stand out with Purely Perfect.

Purely Perfect is for hairdressers, not marketers

Gordon wants haircare professionals to understand what they are getting when they hear about new products.  Even though the new product line only has 3 products, it does cut out any reason for you to condition your hair and that, Gordon says, will cut down on plastic in the trash.

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Hairstyles for Long Hair

July 29th, 2014 · Hair Styles

Many of the long hair holders simply did not know that there are lots of possibilities and options when creating hairstyles for long hair. For this reason, often the impression that the girls with short and medium length hair more opportunities to create your own unique image. However, this is very misleading.

Skillfully created hairstyles for long hair can be a real masterpiece and, believe me, it does not require any cost. Enough to make simple styling and hair will make your image more attractive.

via stylecraze.com

The main thing that is needed to create a beautiful and suitable hairstyle for you – its the right choice. Thus it is necessary to pay attention to your face shape. Depending on this, it is necessary to simulate hair. For example, for a chubby lady suit hairstyles where as a basis – long straight hair. As for the girls who have oval or rectangular type of person with a broad forehead and wide cheekbones – they are more suitable hairstyles for long hair, which will be based in curled ringlets. Girls with narrow face should be given the maximum amount of hair with the help of fleece or create large curls.

An important role in choosing hairstyles for long hair plays her choice depending on the type of shape. Several overweight lady with volumetric smooth hair makes it visually elegant. Smooth straight hair looks ridiculous when they are tiny stunted or opposite – big women. Straight hair can visually lengthen the neck, but the hairstyle with curls on the contrary – will be able to hide it.

It’s no secret that to create a good hairstyles for long hair, it is necessary as a basis to have the right haircut . Haircuts for owners of long hair is not a huge variety of different, usually have 2 options – the same length hairstyle with smooth ends and the stage where the entire length of the hair to create a lightweight ladder. But, despite such a small selection on the basis of these hairstyles can make many kinds of stylish hairstyles .

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Hair care for different age groups

April 14th, 2012 · Alternative Tips

long, healthy, brunette hairWhen you are a teen your hair night be taking quite a hit with all the cutting and coloring.  Your hair is young and somewhat healthy, depending on your daily routine, but when you get into your twenties, it might be time to start thinking about how to keep your hair healthier longer.

When you get into your twenties, woman are more likely to follow trends they see on TV or in magazines and a lot of the time those trends include using heated styling tools, fixatives or fashion coloring.  Because hair can be styled in so many ways and with so many tools, people expect a lot from their hair.  Your hair needs to be nourished and hydrated to keep from getting split ends and always look its best.  Trimming your hair is important to the life span and quality of your hair, as well as the overall look with most styles.

Now that you are in your thirties your career or family life might be getting in the way of you taking care of your hair on a daily basis.  This can be a bad thing, but there are ways you can still get your hair to a healthy point without taking up too much of your time.  Busy lifestyles can be exhausting and that can also leave your skin and hair dull and dried out.  Energy boosting blends of shampoo and conditioner will help keep your hair looking fresh and uplifting.

When you get into your forties you might have a little more time for yourself and are not sure what kind of style or color that you can handle.  Some woman are starting to grey by this time and if that is the case you want to educate yourself on the effects of coloring your hair to hide the grey.  Sometimes things as simple as a vegetable tint, which is semi-permanent and will wash out over time.  That way you are not killing your hair, but you can test out the way it might cover your grey hair.  They are mostly natural and can be much gentler on your hair.

The fifties are going to bring a differnet texture to your hair and it might even start to thin a little bit due to hormonal changes in the body.  It is very important that you adapt accordingly and maybe think about cutting your hair into a shorter style to help the strength of the hair.  Make sure you consult a professional because if cuts and shaping is not done right it can be ageing.  Invest the time and money into quality hair products and keep the proteins and pro-vitamins B5 in your shampoos to help replenish hair.

The sixties and beyond can bring many life changes, as well as changes in your lifestyle.  You hair and skin are going to become dryer with age so drinking plenty of water is key here.  A balanced diet can also be very productive when it comes to hydrating your hair.  Choose products that have natural emollients to help tame wired hair and synthetic silicone can also help, but usually only in the short term.  Keep an eye out for hydrating shampoos with pro-vitamin B5, silk proteins, avocado oil, marshmallow and even honey ingredients to help nourish your hair.

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Hair Tips From Next Top Model

December 11th, 2010 · Alternative Tips

Many of you are looking for tips for your hair.  A new hair style or maybe just an easy way to tame the curly/wavy “mess” on the top of your head.  Today I am going to post some tips and tricks that come directly from the hair team on New Zealands Next Top Model television show.

The ladies put up with a ton of emotion in the chair, so you can bet they can provide the best assistance when trying to get your hair to do something new.  From one of the best stylists on the show, Olivia Davies, the first tip might not seem like a secret.  She says that teens should go for another color or style that embraces their lifestyle.  Try not to stick with a style that “follows” the crowd.


How many times have you seen a group of teens hanging out that have the same hairstyle or something very, very close?  That is what she is telling people to avoid.  Teens love to mess with their hair so having color damaged hair is very typical.

What are the most common fixes for hair mistakes?

Olivia says that teens tend to over-straighten their hair.  Even to the point of snapping the hair off, which can lead to a tough time styling your hair in the future.  The easiest way to keep the hair protected while straightening is to use a product like a heat protectant.  Applying this product before the hair is straightened or blow dried can significantly reduce the heat damage.  Another common mistake would be the over processing or home color experiments.

Using the correct styling tools can also help keep your hair less damaged if you are going to style it.  Make sure you ask about how you can achieve a certain look and what tools make that transformation easier and less painful to your hair.

Just like the tools, when one decides they want to color their hair, they should step into a salon that specializes in the procedure just to ensure that you get what you are looking for in the end.

Quick styles, especially for summer, can include just blow drying volume at the roots and scrunching with mousse, which can give you the typical beachy style.  Remember to protect your hair from the elements as well.  The sun and water can really do some damage if you are not taking proper care of your hair before heading to the beach.  Color fading is common in the direct sunlight and blonde hair needs to be stronger and less dry.  There are many hair treatments that you can apply to keep your hair protected from UV rays, as well as, waterproof for a nice day at the beach.

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Hair Loss Drugs: The Truth About Them

March 25th, 2010 · General

Every hair loss sufferer gets this question in his mind at some point of a time, are there any good hair loss drugs available that can help solve their problem? It’s not a pretty sight seeing your hairline decrease day by day, a sign of baldness. The thing is, most of the people do experience baldness in their life, but what matters is when it takes place. Studies have shown that a large number of American men start to lose their hair right at the age of 30, while the rest experience the onset of hair loss when they are 60 years old.

It should not be surprising for you to know that men aren’t the only ones who are looking out for hair loss medicines. Even females go through this devastating problem and it’s not rare. Even though it’s not as common as it is among men, a fair amount of women do lose their hair as they age.

So, what exactly causes a person to lose hair and is there a way to prevent this from furthering? There are many causes to hair loss but many of them are just a myth, with only some truth attached to them. One of the most common myths (which might be true to an extent) is that the condition can be inherited from your grandfather. Other causes may include chemotherapy effects in cancer patients, low levels of iron in the body and excessively pulling your hair.

You’ll find a number of hair loss treatments in the market, but not all of them are effective. In fact, only a few have come out to be promising when it comes to actually preventing or reversing the hair loss. Also, there are many forms of hair loss that aren’t permanent in nature, and get treated in less than a year. A good example of such a type of hair loss is Alopecia Areata. This is when the body’s immune system works against your hair growth tissue, which causes you to suddenly lose a lot of hair, but most of the times it grows back within a few months. Looking at the whole issue more practically, maintaining the remaining hair with drugs and other treatments is more advisable than trying to re-grow lost hair. However, replacing lost hair can be done with the aid of cosmetic surgery, which looks exactly like your natural hair.
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While we talked mostly about hair loss on the head (as that’s what the majority of the people are concerned about), but partial or complete hair loss can occur not only on your head but all over the body. Yes, that’s right; it’s a possibility that you lose hair on the whole body. This condition is called Alopecia Universalis.

It doesn’t matter what kind of balding you’re going through, you can find good hair loss drugs that can treat you. But what’s really important is that you do your homework first, with proper research. It’s your job to sift through them all and find the perfect solution for yourself, as not every drug works for everyone.

Make sure you look after your hair whilst hairstyling with a ghd heat protection spray. The ghd thermodynamics collection ensure that every strand of hair is protected from the heat whilst your creating your favourite hairstyles every day.’

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